Focus on your Business, not on Supplier Integration

Minimize cost and time-to-market with smarter supplier aggregation.

Without OneConnect

Without OneConnect, you need to deal with every supplier integration separately. This is a complex, time-consuming process, and requires huge investments.

With OneConnect

‪With OneConnect a single integration gives you access to over 250 suppliers. This reduces your go-to-market time, is cost-effective, and lets you focus on your business without having to worry about technology.

Industry-leading Content Standardization

Stop worrying about low-quality, duplicate, incorrect content

Duplicate, outdated, and low-quality content results in poor customer experience.
With OneConnect, you get up-to-date content without having to worry about duplicates or issues such as bad bookings. OneConnect also comes with multi-lingual support, which allows you to provide a localized customer experience. With access to high-quality hotel imagery along with qualified image metadata like resolution, categorization, and titles, you can now provide the best customer experience on your website.

Performance and Control with a Fully Managed Service

Proactive incident management with automated monitoring and integrated telemetry

OneConnect is a cloud-based platform that ensures high availability and business continuity by providing 99.9% uptime. The elastic nature of our platform ensures that our infrastructure keeps up with your business as it grows. Our automated monitoring and integrated telemetry systems ensure proactive incident management, which help us catch issues well before our customers do.

Fast and Easy Integration

Full-featured developer portal with comprehensive documentation

We understand that an API is only as good as its documentation. As a result, along with the API, we provide a full-featured Developer Portal. The portal provides detailed, contextual, field-level documentation for every API message. It also comes with a “Try It Now” capability that lets you test end-to-end workflows right from within your browser. Its in-built intuitive editor with auto-suggest and real-time syntax checking provides an IDE-like familiar and easy experience for developers integrating the API.

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